Vision and strategy

We live in flexible times. People work more, are more flexible and more active than ever before. Modern technologies have improved almost all areas of our quality of life and wellbeing. Nevertheless unpleasant jobs like vacuuming, cleaning windows, mowing lawns and a lot of other things still need to be done. These tasks are rarely exhausting, but they take up time and are seen as a tiresome chore. But in the 21st century it is now possible to give up these jobs to a large extent! In a similar way to how the assistance of a dishwasher has become a matter of course for us these days. Household and domestic robots can take care of a number of jobs in the house and garden completely independently. myRobotcenter is the specialist in household and domestic robots and offers a broad spectrum of the best robots in the relative application areas.

With a current online presence in the whole of the German-speaking area and the continued development of new markets in the whole of Europe, myRobotcenter is making it possible for its customers to improve their quality of life. As domestic and household robots take over the troublesome chores and leave individuals with more time to enjoy the finer things in life!

Management and company structure

Logistics and Quality Manager Mag. (FH) Christian Sommer (Masters Graduate of Applied Sciences) Mag. Daniel Ströhle (Masters Graduate) founded the young, dynamic company, myRobotcenter. There was a clear idea from the beginning: household and domestic robots are the future of the modern household. After the first online shop the well-established myRobotcenter brand was created and the company surged ahead to become a specialist for the sale of smarter household and domestic robots in a very short period of time. With a broad range of consumer robotics, which take the daily chores like vacuuming, mopping, cleaning windows, mowing and a lot more off our hands.

Today myRobotcenter is proud to be operating from two sites (Head office & Götzis/Vorarlberg branch and Innsbruck/Tyrol branch) and to currently be represented in following countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland & Liechtenstein, different countries in Europe and United Kingdom) with its online presence. The company has a total of approximately 20 employees in sales and consulting in the branches, technology & service, support for the online shop & marketing as well as customer service and administration.

myRobotcenter International

The company was established in Vorarlberg/Austria and myRobotcenter headquarters are also still located in Vorarlberg, along with a service centre, a branch and a show room. Since 2010 there has also been another branch with a show room in Innsbruch/Tyrol. In order to make the varied range of household and domestic robots available to a broad audience, myRobotcenter focused strategically on online sales. With a current presence in the whole of the German-speaking area (Austria, Germany, Switzerland & Liechtenstein) and expansion to other foreign-speaking markets, myRobotcenter is successfully approaching European-wide internationalisation.

Company history


Establishment of the company by Mag. (FH) Christian Sommer (Masters Graduate Applied Sciences) and Mag. Daniel Ströhle (Masters Graduate) with a web presence in Austria and Germany, a branch with a show room and an in-house service centre in Vorarlberg/Austria.



Opening of a branch with a show room in Innsbruck/Tyrol



Web presence was expanded to Switzerland and Liechtenstein



New myRobotcenter head office site and branch with a show room in Götzis/Vorarlberg



New branch location with a show room in Innsbruck/Tyrol

Relaunch of our website and development of a corporate site in collaboration with our agent, MassiveArt



Web presence is expanded to different countries in Europe and United Kingdom



Web shop for France (FR) goes online


The highest standards in customer service and customer satisfaction can only be achieved with the right partners. In order to keep on top of national and international changes, myRobotcenter maintains close partnerships. These partnerships make it possible for us to overcome and improve how we deal with daily challenges such as; smooth processing of orders, reliable and quick shipping and delivery terms, as well as the best possible customer service.